Steve:  For many people, their faith, their family, and their health are the most important things in their lives.  Every day, the work that we do influences these things for our clients, many of whom are also our friends.  That’s why we love this job.


Tammy:  Children go to college, people enjoy retirement, first homes are purchased, businesses start, charities are supported.  All of this, in part, is because of the work we do.


Steve:  We attend weddings, graduations, retirement parties, and celebrations of all kinds.  But we have also attended funerals.  We’ve comforted grieving families.  We’ve supported those struggling to find a new job or dealing with a divorce.  We have helped people shoulder the burden of caring for their moms and dads, along with experiencing the joy of spending quality time with their aging parents.


 Tammy:  All those things, the happy and the sad, are reasons why we love this job.


Steve:  We can make complicated, financial things clearer, so people understand them.  We know the right questions to ask, and we know how to listen for the answers.  We can solve problems and find solutions.  We’re not your typical investment practice, and we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach. As Certified Financial Planner professionals, we have the education and training to accomplish this. We have a process driven approach that is customized to every client’s unique circumstances.


Tammy:  People need someone to put their personal, financial interests first.  And for many people, we are that someone.  That’s why we love this job.


Steve:  Some people think this work is all about money, but it’s not.  It’s about friendship, integrity, and trust.  We help families live the life they want, and in some cases, the life they thought they couldn’t have.  That’s why we love this job.  That’s why we are Pharos Financial Advisors.




Footnote for the emailed video:  Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN), Member SIPC.  Pharos Financial Advisors is a separate entity from WFAFN.

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